You can have the most innovative product or world beating services, but if you don’t have the right team backing you, then your business will never meet its full potential.

Building the right team won’t happen overnight, and getting the skillsets you need in people whose personality gels with your overall team is challenging, however, the results when you have built a knowledgeable, supportive team who are committed to your business’s success will be well worth it.

Your team – the most valuable item on your Asset Register

Hiring new team members is something most employers dislike spending time on. It is time-consuming if you are doing it right.  Make sure you employ someone, who not only has the skills you need, but also the personality you need.  Utilise ‘personality profiling’.  Understand where there are gaps in your team.  Are you over-subscribed on creative people with no one to implement their ideas?  Are you top heavy with detail driven people who stifle creativity?  

While there will be defined roles and responsibilities, measurable KPIs and down the line management, there should also be a culture that lets every team member know that you value them and their input. Encourage innovation and the sharing of ideas – not just from those whose role it is to be inventive.  Turn your team into an ideas shop. Designate responsibility then step back a little and give your people the opportunity to grow. 

Building a cohesive, loyal team is also about taking time out to have fun, getting to know each other on a personal level.  When you understand what is going on in someone’s life, it helps you understand what influences their behaviour and what motivates them.  

Look at flexibility in how your people work.  Is it a hybrid of on-site face-to-face hours combined with home working where it’s possible?  Is it letting people start early and finish early so they can do school pick-up?  

Invest in training, for example, in personal development both measures will give you a return in higher skilled, more professionally-rounded team members.  

Don’t underestimate the value of having a charity or cause that you, as a company, highly support.  A lot of great businesses have the concept of putting back into the community as one of the measurables in their bottom line.  There’s a pride people feel in working for a business that is generous in helping support causes the community.   Once again, get your team involved in brainstorming how you can support your chosen cause in ways other than just providing a donation. 

Above all, cultivate a workplace culture that is strong and has “respect” as it’s guiding principle.  Respect for your products or services; respect for all your clients; respect for your suppliers or distributors; respect for your teammates; and respect for the community in which you operate.

Here are the top 3 team building strategies that a business should start implementing today:

1. Take  the time to build a team –
that is loyal, committed, well-rounded and diverse. Hire judiciously, employing ‘personality profiling’.

2. Utilise every aspect of your team –
encourage idea sharing, delegate responsibility. Train, develop and have fun too.

3. Have a culture of respect –
Celebrate your wins, help your community and enjoy the rewards of a more successful business.