Digital project management systems are no longer the future of workflow management: they are the present, and any business that is not implementing a digital project management system is losing a competitive advantage. Digital project management systems are constantly evolving, becoming easier to use whilst allowing a more forensic level of detail.

Using tech to drive project management

At a minimum, business owners should:

Provide your team with the tools to drive workflow on their projects.  Tools that provide:

  • Clear objectives
  • Clear processes
  • Clear deadlines
  • Resource oversight and planning

What you should be doing

  • Investigate implementing a project management system such as Monday and Teamwork. This gives your team members one place to manage project tasks and deadlines, and also gives project managers and stakeholders vital overviews of progress and roadblocks.

Digital project management solutions can provide your business with the following:

  • Set start and end dates to individual tasks within the project.
  • Assign tasks to individual team members with briefing information.
  • Link reminders – either through the project management software or email for important follow-ups and due dates.
  • Control dependencies where one task must be completed before another can be actioned.
  • Give managers oversight of projects so they can do what is necessary, in a timely manner, to keep the projects on time.
  • Highlight resource deficiencies and allow managers to re-allocate or recruit.

What not to do

  • Don’t rely on paper-based planning or excel spreadsheets
  • Don’t expect projects to be completed on time and on budget if your teams don’t have clear visibility of all aspects of a project.