Genuine, engaging communication isn’t achieved through fancy bottled technology.

The lost art of meaningful communication

I love it when people call me! It’s so refreshing and meaningful that someone has found time in their busy world to choose to use their phone to communicate with me. We use our phones for every conceivable digital communication, but we use it less and less as a plain and simple phone – that function is becoming obsolete.

I love to hear what’s happening in someone’s life, how they have experienced new things, what they have learned, what burning issue are they seeking answers for. It’s not an email, a Facebook feed or Instagram – it’s an exchange. Verbal, insightful, passionate, emotional – I thrive on it.

Are we losing the art of communication in business? How does your team connect with each other? Do they sit across the aisle from one another and email each other? How do they chat with your franchisees or other business units? Do they really know what’s happening in the life of the franchisee? Do they have that insight so that they can manage any issues or problems in the most effective manner? Do they have their finger on the mental wellbeing pulse of those people they are working with?

All methods of communication in a business have a role, however platforms or apps, while critical for bulk communication and systematisation of that communication, do not provide the mechanism to greet, connect, listen, ask questions and care for one another. Too much reliance on written words rather than face-to-face communications has the real risk of reducing the effectiveness and success of your business.