Tell me what you do and why

Why do so many business owners, who are well established and successful, find it hard to tell me, in less than one page, what they do, why they do it and what their goals and priorities are? This is elementary stuff that should be front and centre of an entrepreneur’s mind. Business owners are a brave and courageous group of people. It takes effort, risk, determination, and sheer guts to go out there and build a business – to stay inspired and motivated every single day. The one-page business plan should be the easy bit.

Not only will it help you tell me what you do and why – should we meet, but, more importantly, it will help you clearly define your goals and purpose. To reduce things down to simple language is an exercise in clearing the vision or goal of the dross and floss and hyperbole that is obscuring the pureness of your purpose.

Find a colleague, friend or mentor and spend a few hours talking over your goals for the next year. Walk away with a one-page document that will hold you accountable to grow your business, to grow yourself as a business owner and to help you stay relevant in your category.