Business goals – keep them simple

Don’t get me wrong, running a successful business is a complicated matter. But when you are setting goals and creating an understanding of what everyone in your team should focus on – then it needs to be simple.

It can be hard to think clean and simple but keep in mind goals are not a “to do” list. They are the final outcomes that are going to build your business success. It may be a goal  for example, to develop a new product, to recruit 20 new high-quality franchisees or to reduce your customer complaints by 80%. Set goals that match your ethos and values. Once you have set the goals, then you can break them down into action steps with timeframes.

Remember that while you may end up with quite a few action steps, there will be a few key items on that list that will deliver you significant progress. Prioritise these if you can and celebrate when you complete them.

Keep the goals and the inspiration that drives them at the front and centre of your team. Employees that understand a goal and what it will achieve