When we’re driving, we’ll notice the flashing light that tells us that we will need to fill up soon. We note the milage left and set a mind map that allows us to fill up with petrol before we run out, leaving us stranded, frustrated, missing appointments and losing that precious commodity we call time.

Are you running on empty?

As a business owner, we need to recognise when our internal light is flashing telling us we’re running low on energy. Our full tank, which keeps us motivated, engaged and enthusiastic can start to be used up if there’s no balance to our lives.

Just as cruising on a freeway helps us preserve fuel, lots of stops and starts, speeding and braking can gobble up our fuel. The trick is to work out a balance that will give you more of the smooth times. A way to concentrate on the important things in your business and not get side-tracked by unproductive distractions. Work out how to delegate, allocate time for family and friends and physical fitness and then you’ll find that flashing light doesn’t come up as often and you’ll enjoy your life – business and personal – much more.