Every business needs a strong, recognisable brand that has a consistent look and message. Our branding pack includes the essentials for creating the identity for your business, or updating your current look and feel. Included are logos, colour and font specifications, letterheads, and business card designs, as well as a wealth of digital assets that can be used on social media and websites.  

Social Media

Many businesses have social media set up and even have lots of people engaging with their posts.  But are the people who engaging with your posts the people you want to talk to?  Are you hitting the right demographics with your posts?

Marketing Calendar

Marketing these days includes so many activities – from press ads to social media, to EDM’s to editorial content. A marketing calendar is an effective way of planning all your marketing activities over a time period, allowing you to plan to create and distribute content over a myriad of channels.  This guide will show you how to create a marketing calendar, along with examples of best practices and tips on how to ensure that your marketing team meets deadlines.

Marketing Insights

Not sure if the marketing for your business is doing its job?  Not sure if it is matching or beating the efforts of your competitors? Our Marketing Insights Pack will walk you through how to measure the effectiveness of your campaigns and what you can do to improve their reach and effectiveness.  From social media, to EDMs and website traffic, we will show you how to uncover what your audience is interested in, and how to deliver impactful content that feeds their interest.