Revitalising a Franchise that provides exercise classes for babies and toddlers

About the Client

A long-established business, the client provides a research-based physical development program for hundreds and thousands of babies and toddlers.
A franchised organisation, the client’s service is available at over 100 studios throughout Australia and around the world.


In 2017 the client recognised that their brand and marketing messages were no longer cutting through against their competitors and they were struggling to grow their business. They engaged FC Business Solutions to assist in modernising their branding and their core messages including digital advertising, to improve the user experience on their website, establish their social media presence, set up a central database, grow their franchise and assist their franchisees.


FC undertook a total audit of the brand to identify the priorities for change. This included a comprehensive analysis of competitors as well as gathering input from the franchisees about what was working well and what could be improved. After completing this FC developed a set of long-term goals and action items, to bring about the necessary change.
FC created new, vibrant branding for the client, assisted with the development and management of a new website, took over and managed their social media (Facebook and Instagram), created and ran digital advertising programs and co-ordinated commercial marketing options such as online community partnerships.

FC also assisted with franchise recruitment and development and provided expert advice on all areas of franchising to both the franchisor and the franchisees.

We setup analytics to measure the outcomes of these strategies and provided ongoing reports and updates illustrating all activity was accomplishing the intended results.


We designed and help implement a complete logo and brand refresh across the group. We carried out a comprehensive upgrade of their website to produce an improved user experience.
Enrolments for all of the client’s franchisees now function through an online portal, streamlining the system and taking away the cumbersome need for franchisees to be available to implement.
FC’s social media campaign has generated over 40,000 likes on Facebook and over 3,000 on Instagram – averaging over 500,000 impressions each month and 10,000 clicks on the page.
We compiled and set up a database of over 40,000 contacts.
Our marketing initiatives have driven over 10,000 enquires to franchisees.
FC continues to assist local franchisees by developing artwork, setting up ad campaigns and assisting with local area marketing endeavours.

The client now has a clear point of difference that is emphasised through all their marketing mediums. This has led to increased business and helped ensure the longevity of the business.