Creating compliance for a transport business

About the Client

The client is a family owned and operated transport business, offering a range of bus services including Public Transport Victoria and Vline services, bus charter, public bus, school bus and tours. The company continues to grow by acquiring existing tourism, transport and related businesses.


FC Business Solutions was engaged to develop a suite of manuals that brought together the extensive requirements around workplace safety, bus safety, human resources, industrial relations and other relevant legislation, into practical, accessible, and functional policies and procedures for their diverse network of bus depots, bus drivers, mechanics, depot managers, executive team and other workers.


FC undertook extensive research into the all the aspects of this complex industry including the specific bus safety requirements. New policies, processes and procedures were created, and existing processes were updated – interweaving key requirements such as workplace safety, risk assessment and management, incident reporting and other critical safety information.


This transport business now has an extensive set of manuals and handbooks to support best practice, safety and compliance throughout their networks of bus depots in Victoria.