The DNA of leadership


Leadership is an artform. I don’t believe there is a right or wrong way to lead, but what all great leaders seem to have in common is the ability to influence people. If you are blessed with the skill to inspire a team, then you have a distinct advantage.  However, there is another attribute that is just as powerful – honesty. Honesty rings out like a bell and is instinctively recognised and valued by your team.

Leading is fluid; it requires a mix of constancy and agility, along with times of needing to be reactive and proactive.

Leaders are driven by what’s in their heart and what their guts (instinct) are telling them. Their business is an extension of their soul and they are constantly looking to mould it into something better, while taking into account all the diverse elements of the eco-system called a business.

As a leader you go first. You need the courage to take the risk, and the resilience, to find a way through if things do not pan out as expected.

True business leaders are curious beasts. They are always wanting to learn, to improve, to move the business to the next level but are mindful of the people who are impacted by their plans. They are fair, enthusiastic and understand the value of honest, frequent communication.

Leaders need to be flexible in how they motivate – an understanding that individual team members will have different triggers which light their enthusiasm.

Leadership is challenging but the reward, for those who become good leaders, is not just business success, but also an immense personal satisfaction.