Effective social media management



Many businesses have changed how they operate, especially in the social media sphere. With more customers online than ever, a strong social media strategy for any business should be mapped and actioned throughout the year. However, many simple strategies are being missed by business owners that could help increase awareness and boost sales.

Here are the top 5 social media strategies that a business should start implementing today:

Segment your audience.

If you have a strong following on social media such as Facebook and Instagram, it’s important to look at who your demographic is, from both a new and retention point of view. Creating audiences when running your ads will keep CPC (Cost per clicks) down and deliver better efficiency in your advertising dollars. Not sure how to set this up? Facebook for Business has a helpful guide in creating on “Lookalike Audiences”

Call to actions

Using call to actions will help customers understand the journey you want to take them when leading them into a product or page. In social media posts, it’s important to have a clear call to action such as an enquiry form, a link to your website or a purchase link. By having just information or an image, a customer should not have to do the heavy lifting of finding more information. Facebook also include a “Call-to-action” ad option when promoting your products and services .

Setup chat bots

Having the touchpoint for your customers gives them instant answers when first engaging with your brand. Whether you want having those following your Facebook page being able to interact or your own website to have a direct line to your customer service, Facebook chat is a great option. Using automated responses can also save you time for frequently asked questions such as “when you are your opening times?”.

Got a WordPress site? Why not add the Facebook Chat plugin for quickly getting your chat up on your site.

Use boosted posting

By boosting your post, you can capture customers who aren’t already following you. Boosting posts will reach a larger audience, make up any decline in organic reach and with no minimum, you can start your advertising budget on a small scale and ramp up after taking a look at your analytics and reports.

Stories in your platform.

The rise of Instagram from a consumer level has increased exponentially over the years with close to 10 million users in Australia alone. However the stories option also expands to both Facebook and LinkedIn. By utilising the power of video, your brand is able to deliver more digestible content, increase consumer engagement and lead to better connections with your audience.

Final Statement:

Social media is about building a brand that resonates with your clients.  A brand that isn’t one dimensional, but has a personality.  It involves constant touch points with your potential clients, working to engage them.