Website and e-commerce site development with legacy systems integration

Our client is a national food and packaging solutions provider. For over 40 years they have provided businesses with the best packaging products, with a strong focus on environmental sustainability.

Our client was using very old technology that did not provide a simple and easy online ordering platform. They wanted to develop an integrated system to facilitate this.

They needed someone with the expertise to help in four major areas:

  • Consistent delivery of their brand elements in the online space
    Reliable integration into an existing IT infrastructure – Netsuite
  • The ability for customers to find their entire product catalogue on a simple website
  • Correct individual pricing sent to Head Office when people ordered.

Plus, developing and rolling out a robust ordering platform to cover:

  • Multi-tiered pricing between different customers, including custom pricing
  • A Secure gateway to place online orders
  • Continuous sync between their third-party vendors
  • Mobile-friendly views for orders
  • Historical logging of all sales orders
  • Custom content management system to control their customer database.

In 2019, the client appointed FC Business Solutions to develop a new website which contained: 

  • A customised managed content management system
  • An online ordering platform to roll out for all their locations across Australia

FC Business Solutions created a digital strategy to ensure that new initiatives could be seamlessly rolled out, without software conflicts.

New customers could be created in the system and their details synched with Netsuite, the client’s legacy system.

By developing a bespoke registration platform, ordering system and historical logging process, FC Business Solutions enabled customers to place items in a shopping cart with the correct pricing, and then a purchase order would be generated and sent to the sales teams.

With integration into other legacy platforms such as Netsuite, there was no need to duplicate data and pricing.

The design of the new website ensured that the company’s logo and branding elements were bold and engaging. A brand style guide was created, and the new look was applied consistently across both of their online touchpoints.

The online platform that was developed allowed orders from over 30 different product categories and sub-categories.

The platform also allowed customers to access previously ordered products to create custom lists, which they could use to streamline their ordering process.

The client has been online with their new website from mid-2019. The new site has performed exceptionally well with key metrics achieved to April 2020 being:

  • Increased speed performance by 305%
  • 100,000+ active sessions
  • 70,000+ unique visitors
  • 400,000+ page views
  • $300,000+ in gross sales
  • 1000+ orders placed