Establishing the on-line presence of a leading home building company

The client is a leading home builder offering customised, affordable home designs. Their quality homes, along with their commitment to service and quality, has seen them flourish in a competitive environment for over half a century.

The client engaged FC Business Solutions, in December 2018, after recognising that they were falling behind their competitors when it came to embracing marketing in online mediums.

A goal was established in 2019, for an increase in website traffic; have sales enquiries and conversations directed through multiple channels and build the reputation of the client with the online community.

FC were called upon to setup and maintain social media pages on Facebook, Instagram, Houzz and Pinterest, as well as implement a targeted marketing campaign using Google Adwords. FC’s digital marketing specialist was also carried out a comprehensive review and update of their website.

FC would also write and release regular blogs on behalf of their client, building their position as experts in their marketplace.

Regular reviews were conducted, examining which website pages were performing and to carry out any necessary adjustments to other pages, to lift their performance if necessary.

Advertising campaigns on social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram were created, setup and run by FC helping to drive more traffic to the client’s website.

At the conclusion of the initial stage of the project, FC Business Solutions had successfully built an online presence for their client on Facebook and Instagram with 100+ followers on each.

Ten display home board and projects were set up on Pinterest and gained great attention.

By November 2019, the client’s organic social media posts had reached 7000+ people and drove 360+ people to their website. (almost 25% of their monthly website traffic). Website speed performance had increased by 150% with their daily active users building from 300 to 500.

The company was well established in the online space, engaging with new clients through their multiple online sales offices.