Website design with robust e-commerce component

Our client is a national children’s education and dance franchise. Established in 2014, the pre-school dance program offering quickly grew to over 100 locations across two countries.

With a well-established brand, it was time to create an online presence so parents could connect with the dance studios and be educated about their offering in a fun and inspiring way. A new website would enable parents to enrol their children into classes, purchase branded product from an online store as well as learn about all the innovative programs that were available across the network.

They needed someone with the expertise to help in three major areas:

  • Aligning all elements of their brand and ensuring it was delivered in a consistent manner
  • Understanding the needs of international expansion
  • Improving customer conversion across mobile and desktop devices


Developing and rolling out a robust e-commerce platform to cover:

  • Multi-tiered pricing between international, wholesale and retail customers
  • Secure payment gateway with the lowest fees
  • Continuous uptime even during peak periods
  • Mobile friendly views for orders
  • Impactful reporting on sales and best sellers
  • Custom shipping across different locations

In 2019, the client appointed FC Business Solutions to redesign and develop the new website including:

  • A customised managed content management system.
  • E-commerce platform to roll out for international customers with online media downloads.

FC Business Solutions created a digital plan to provide these requirements and successfully rolled out a range of initiatives that made it easy for parents to get in contact with their closest dance studio. By developing a bespoke location centre finder, parents were able to select their state or postcode and geographically locate their closest dance studio.

By integrating into other platforms such as Salesforce, leads were able to be managed and nurtured through an entire sales lifecycle ensuring a continuous sales pipeline.

The new brand design was finalised and rolled out across both their online and offline community touch points. This included studios, marketing material, website, social media and videos.
An e-commerce platform was developed that facilitated a smooth order process from over 20 different countries.

The platform also handled all the wholesale sales of product across the network. With large traffic volumes occurring during the Christmas period of 2019, FC Business Solutions also implemented robust programming improvements to handle large network traffic, ensuring the website would cope well, with no downtime, with the influx or order.

The client has been online with their new website from mid-2019. The new site has performed exceptionally well with key metrics achieved to April 2020 being:

  • Increased speed performance by 305%
  • 100,000+ active sessions
  • 70,000+ unique visitors
  • 400,000+ page views
  • $300,000+ in gross sales
  • 1000+ orders placed