Finding clear air for your social media messages


More and more the greater percentage of marketing budgets are being spent on digital campaigns, utilising the powerful ability to refine your message to target the right people cost effectively. It’s a brave new world for a lot of businesses, but they are finding that it’s also a cluttered world where you need to have a strategic approach to cut through all the noise.

The Challenges:

  • You’ve got great content – but it’s barely getting any reaction on social media.
  • You don’t know where your target audience is – Facebook or Instagram, Pinterest or LinkedIn?
  • Your content is stale – the information is repetitive with little or no new engagement and you’re out of ideas.
  • It’s a one-way conversation – no one is reacting to your posts.
  • You can’t work out what content is doing well.

The Solutions:

  • Use boosted posts and define targeted audiences to get your posts reaching outside just your followers and landing where you want them.
  • Do research into your industry and competitors. Could an Instagram story be a better platform than a Facebook page post? If you’re looking to educate your customer base, consider having a Youtube account to deliver content via video (and drive consumers there from your social media accounts.)
  • Diversify your content. Mix in some short videos, short text posts or even something quirky that could be unrelated to your brand but that will make people pause when scrolling through their feed. Making people laugh is always a winner.
  • Expecting customers to just engage with your content doesn’t always work. Social media is about being SOCIAL. It’s about having a conversation – not just telling people about your product or posting a brochure. Use relevant hash tags, add some links to more information, ask questions, run competitions.
  • Leverage the power of data. Take a look at your best performing posts of the past months. Why did certain posts work, was it because of the content, time of day or another external factor? Use this data to plan your social media campaigns in the coming months.

There’s no doubt that social media is an integral part of a business marketing plan, but online engagement takes time, care, nurturing and constant evaluation and tweaking. Social media is constantly evolving with user expectations and how the platforms present information. You can’t set and forget. To truly leverage social media to build your business, you need to treat it seriously, set a budget, plan campaigns and develop the right content.