Christmas Like No Other

As Australians gather to celebrate Christmas, it will depend on where you are in this wonderful country as to how you approach it. States that stomped on COVID-19 in the first wave will have almost normal celebrations, while the more populated states, in particular Victoria, will come to the festive season like battle-weary soldiers at the end of a conflict. But wherever you are, there will be celebrations, holidays taken, and as we head towards the new year, resolutions and plans made.

2020 was the most challenging year in most people’s lifetime. But it also showed the resilience of human spirit, the kindness and innate goodness of people. Whether that was from putting on your mask to go outside; or dropping inspirational messages or treats into strangers’ letterboxes; to contributing home grown veggies to community food banks for example, people showed extraordinary care and an appreciation that everyone’s health – both physical and mental – lay on the shoulders of everyone.

In the lead up to 2021, and finally and enthusiastically kicking the grime of 2020 off our shoes, many of you will be making plans for yourselves and your businesses. The big lesson out of 2020 is that rapid change is possible, and that people will adapt. Don’t be afraid to make big plans, push the boundaries, have a vision that is inspirational and full of blue sky.

At FC Business Solutions, we’ve loved working with you all and helping you navigate the enormous challenges that 2020 has delivered. We look forward to being part of ensuring that your plans for the future are achieved.

To you all, we hope your Christmas is spent sharing laughs and good times with your family and friends – people who are important to you. We wish you joy and peace. Our hope is that 2021 is a year where, through treatments or vaccine, the shadow of COVID is removed from our lives; where the hard-won lessons this pandemic has forced upon us help to enrich our lives on every level.

FC will be closed from Tuesday, 22nd December 2020,
re-opening Monday, 18th January 2021.