Choosing the best social media channels for your business


How many social media platforms should you be on?

It’s the question that perplexes many a business owner: how many social media platforms should I use? The answer isn’t simple, and it depends very much on your product or service(s), has and your customer demographic.

The challenges:

  • What are the core reasons to even use social media?
  • Should you use all of them or only a few?
  • How do you know which social media platform best suits your business?

Social media can be one of your company’s most profitable marketing channels. It’s an excellent way to build brand awareness, connect with existing customers, and generate new leads to fill your funnel.

The solutions:

The main reasons for a business to embark on a social media (sm) presence or campaign include:

  • To build brand awareness.
  • To engage with current and potential customers.
  • To improve traffic to your website.
  • To increase new business leads.
  • To build your database and capture a mailing list
  • It’s better to choose a few social media platforms that your targeted audience engages with regularly than to try and spread content across all channels in a scattergun effect.
  • When to use the following SM platforms:
  • Facebook
    • If your business is customer-facing (B2C). Although B2B can work, the point of Facebook is to be interactive, and for you to provide content that will drive conversation and engagement among your customers.
  • Instagram
    • Instagram is king when it comes to quick content (short videos/images). This is great for brand awareness and shouldn’t be seen as a channel to solely drive revenue. Use it when you have a product /retail setup, or a message that you want to get across in a succinct, highly visual way.
  • LinkedIn
    • This is more about linking with other businesses and connecting with people in your industry, sharing information about your services and glean intelligence. This is primarily for B2B businesses and those who provide services.
  • Youtube
    • This is a highly engaging platform that also allows you to educate people on your services or products, in a more detailed manner.  YouTube allows content to belong, and part of the purchasing decision if you can give a guide or more information on your product/service this is the media to use.

Once you have done your research and decided on which social media channels to focus on, then work to ensure that the content you provide is engaging, and provides the image, the teasers or information that is going to resonate with your customers. Review the results of your efforts regularly, and don’t be afraid to tweak your program to get better results.