Automating your social media for more powerful reach

The ability for social media to build your business is indisputable.  Yet some businesses are still struggling to find ways to engage and connect with their customers in this area.

Social media is about building a brand that resonates with your clients.  A brand that isn’t one dimensional, but has a personality.  It involves constant touch points with your potential clients, working to engage them.  So how do use automation in a process that needs to be seen as being personal? How do you make your brand stand out in a sea of other businesses?

The challenges:

  • Resource heavy.  It can be very time-consuming posting frequent and interesting content and then responding to the comments and interest these posts create. Also, having to log in to three to five different platforms takes time and can cause inconsistencies when posting. Having a dedicated social media expert, while being a good investment, may not be possible given the size of your business.  Consider outsourcing this aspect so that you are getting the skills you need, but only when you need them.
  • Creating enough content for all the platforms.  Content is king but how can businesses ensure that their content is engaging their diverse demographic?  Do they have multiple accounts and different content for each platform?
  • Extending your influence.  You’ve got your content – it looks great but no one apart from your local, rusted on followers are seeing it.  How can you reach a wider audience outside your inner circles?

The solutions:

  1. Adopt a social media scheduler. Platforms such as Later and Sendible enables you to automatically schedule posts for an extended timeframe, across multiple accounts such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. This allows businesses to dedicate a block of time to automatically schedule lots of content in advance, instead of having to log in and post several times a day.
  2. Leverage platform integration. Facebook has deep integrations with Instagram so you don’t need to waste time posting on each platform.  Simply connect your Facebook page to your Instagram account and every time you post new content it will appear on both platforms, saving you time and increasing your exposure in the marketplace.
  3. Use paid social media advertising. Advertising on social media is cost effective and can be very targeted. Boosting a Facebook ad can be a very simple process where you just need to set a budget for a period of time – such as a month – and let Facebook’s algorithms work out the rest. Use the resulting data, of what is working, to then automate a wider campaign.