FC Business Solutions (FC) is a fully integrated consultancy firm, specialising in developing, growing and marketing all types of businesses, including franchise systems.

Our mission is to provide the skills businesses and the franchise sector need to develop professional, ethical organisations that promote growth and innovation.

We offer the resources and skills for all businesses to use – providing a holistic offering that will build your brand, develop your teams, expand your success and generate more profit.

We work across all business types. From a start-up franchise, to a small franchise who wants to grow or a large established franchise that needs a fresh approach, FC Business Solutions can provide all the support and advice needed. Similarly for a small business that wants to create the best foundations for growth, we can help with strategy, advice, marketing, culture and employment compliance.

With a hand-picked talent pool that has decades of experience in all areas of business, FC Business Solutions understands all the challenges and opportunities that running a successful business offers. Director, Corina Vucic, is highly regarded in the business community and her advice is sought by governments and industry bodies alike. She, and her team, have the expert knowledge, experience and ability to work with you in a partnership that will make your business compliant, your product the best it can be, and your brand highly recognised in the marketplace.

We can help you with just one area of your business (for example, HR or marketing) or we can provide all the services that a business needs – allowing you the flexibility to manage your administrative overheads.

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  • Customised approach
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Meet the team

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Corina Vucic

I thrive in an active environment and climb bridges for the thrill of it but my real passion is supporting businesses to meet their potential and flourish. Whether your goal is to franchise your business, take your franchise to the next level or simply move your business in another direction, I can lead, support and motivate you, step-by-step.
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Alexandra Giudice

EA to Corina Vucic
Do you want to get stuff done in your business? Then you need to speak to me. I’m likely your first port of call at FC and I’ll be honest, I’m yet to take a call from a business I haven’t been able to help. I’ll work with you on projects like executive recruitment and organisational reviews and above all, I’ll just make sure that we get stuff done together.
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Jessie Caudry

Franchise Support System Specialist
You know the saying ‘the devil is in the detail’? Well, I can assure you that its true and when it comes to operations and systems, you can never have enough detail. I can help you create, refine and document all the processes that go into your business. Whether you are franchising, seeking to ensure compliance or simply want things to run a little more smoothly, I can help.
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Linda Schnitzler

Franchise Operations Specialist
My background is in retail management and I know what goes in ‘behind the scenes’ to run a business from human resources to OHS to sales. It’s time-consuming and all-encompassing. To give you one less thing to worry about, I can help you implement easy-to-use operations systems, manuals and processes to provide consistency, quality and compliance throughout your business.
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Gloria Li

Graphic Designer

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